Retroactive Placement

It is never too late to get students on the right path. Retroactive placement empowers students previously placed in remediation to enroll themselves in transfer-level courses according to the guidelines established by AB 705, which may include corequisites or other support.

A Retroactive Placement Model

Start by involving partners and stakeholders

  • Research Office

  • IT

  • Instructional Deans for Math and English and ESL

  • AB 705 Workgroup

  • Testing Center

  • Web Services

This promising practice is recommended for all colleges by the RP Group

  • Any student who had been enrolled in the past three years should be algorithmically re-placed based on available High School GPA & coursework information from CCCApply.

  • Students who don’t have any High School GPA information should be directed to Guided Placement.

  • Any student who is not placed into the highest placement options (i.e., English with no co-req and Precalculus or higher with no co-req) should be informed that they can meet with a counselor to discuss their new placement, including the ability to provide additional high school information that could be used to adjust placement upward.